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Creating a proffesional WIX artist website

Posted in Professional Research

As part of my professional research I created a professional WIX artist website. This included good quality images/video of my work, captioned with title, medium, size where appropriate, a brief statement about my work, an artist CV and a contact page.

Creating a professional artist website helps to situate an artist in the contemporary art scene. Most professional fine artists have a website showcasing their work with contact information. By owning a website I was also able to present video media more appropriately.

Investing time to establish a brand identity and a hub for all your work shows that you are more than just a hobbyist; you are serious about creating and selling art. A website can establish your image as a professional and provide a real boost to your creative business

Having your own website means you don’t have to compete with countless other artists and users on social media platforms.

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