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Resolution adjustment and site testing

Posted in Studio Practice

It was important to set up the work in the designated room/space beforehand so that I could pre-plan how the equipment would function effectively. For example, by setting up installing a projector(s) I was able to determine an adequate resolution (by adjusting projector settings) and observe how the projection appears in the physical site. This allowed me to make any adjustments to the apparatus, in particular choosing appropriately sized plinths for the projectors to sit on, enabling effective projections. Painting the plinths in an off-white shade would enable them to suit the environment of that of an dark space containing projections. Also choosing appropriate projectors that suited large scale projectors, (Ex 625 offered a larger scale projection when compared to Optoma W304M). Testing various power supplied to see which suited the site best.

Conversing with the appropriate departments and staff was important to reserve the dark space, and conduct safety measures, for example keycard access to room. It was also particularly important to make reservations with the AV loans department to reserve the required equipment for the assessment.

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