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Crit Feedback supervisory 2

Posted in Contextual Research, and Studio Practice

The audience commented on the projections and their vibrant appearance. Distortions of light and colour, fluid and geometrical patterns one member wrote. The audience found themselves blocking the projections when walking through them and we’re curious if this was part of the work. There were references made to local events such as the local Light up Leicester Show and the Van Goth Immersive Experience that helps situate the work in the contemporary local art scene.

AUDIENCE NOTES: Repeated patterns – vibrant patterns – inside an onion – ever ending orbit – sketcher – spirographs – veins – shadows – technology – local light shows – projection of light – van goth immersive experience – gradual build up – presentation – meditative – calming – less objects than previous work – space – cutout – layering – roads – weird – expansive – random streaks of color – c;psed eyes – shape – veins damien hirst – panning over something – edge of earth – turing – perpsective – screensavers – meditative – VR / film 360 experience – LED – no shadows – brighter – more projectors -light 0 impact – environment – break between footage – screensaver – engrave into screen

The critical review (crit) enabled me to see how an audience reacts to the work through verbal conversation. The crit also gave the opportunity for the audience to interact with the work, enabling insight into how they situate themselves on the site, and how this affects the work.

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