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Artist Assistant Job Roles Research

Posted in Professional Research

Assisting an artist can provide invaluable training and allows one to gain insight into how a large-scale studio operates. Working as an art assistant can also boost the career of an emerging artist, give them access to high profile contacts and high quality materials, and help set the foundations for their own blossoming art practice.

I conducted research into this position using google, in which I found an application for an artist assistant for Ute Decker, an artist jeweler represented by Mayfair galley specializing in jewelry by fine artists. Her works is also exhibited at major international fairs such as Design Miami and Design Basel.

There was also a local opportunity for an artist assistant role locally with Unitemps, that involved taking payments from clients, assisting the public and supporting taking photos and videos for social media purposes e.t.c.

By conducting this research I was able to understand how the role of an artist assistant works and can situate oneself into the art community.

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