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XR Art Fest Returns To London’s Realities Centre

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Artists have been embracing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology for many years now, exploring new ways of immersing the public in ever more elaborate worlds. If you’re in the UK this week and you’re interested in this side of the XR industry then you might want to head down to the Realities Centre in London, which is hosting an XR Art Fest this Thursday.

XR Art Fest Returns to London’s Realities Centre This Week – VRFocus

Whether you’re an artist interested in learning more about this space or an XR enthusiast who loves to experience the latest XR artworks, XR Art Fest is a one-day celebration featuring workshops, talks, hands-on presentations and more. Guests will be able to take part in workshops with step-by-step tutorials for XR content creation using software like TiltBrush and OpenBrush. The event is sponsored by Psychic VR Lab, the Japanese studio behind the cloud-based XR platform STYLY.

Talks during the day will cover a range of metaverse-related topics, from ‘Art Galleries for NFTs’ looking at how “galleries collaborate with artists to curate and monitise their artwork.” Or how about ‘Virtual Clay Sculpting With Haptics’ by Dr. Ivan Isakov (co-founder / CTO at Valkyrie Industries) who will demo Argil, a VR sculpting app that uses finger tracking and haptics.

“Experiencing creative designs from within brings a whole new paradigm to art,” states Dr. John Holder, CEO Realities Centre Ltd. “We are delighted to bring back the XR Art Fest after a hugely successful first year and offer new opportunities for audiences to not only experience the latest in XR content creation, but also learn how to easily create digital art for themselves.”

The XR Fest is an example of how new media technologies are being explored in the art scene and helps situate my own work in the contemporary art scene.

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