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Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre – Leicester – Beth Kettel — The Sound Of Somebody Changing Their Mind – Current Exhibition – Fri 12 Nov – Sun 12 Dec

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The Sound of Somebody Changing Their Mind is a multimedia installation created by Leicester-born artist Beth Kettel, expanding from her experimental video, A Bang, A Bomb, A Lie And A Band That Stands For Something Else. Kettel worked with Leicester-based musicians, vocalists and dancers to bring together a series of diverse music styles, gestural movements and objects based on and bought from Leicester’s Cultural Quarter past and present.
The installation includes a new edit of the video screened as a multichannel display – expanding ideas in meaning-making, perspective, foreground & background and composition. Isolated stems in the music form songs; individual gestures form dances; objects form ‘still-life’ compositions; words form lyrics and patterns move from object to costume to backdrop.
With a dynamic dexterity in language, pattern and movement, the work features objects, backdrops and costumes designed and assembled by Kettel, bringing together music, objects and video to form non-linear, multi-layered narratives.
Video: Written, directed & edited by Beth Kettel
With special thanks to: Vocal: Asher, Jafro, Andy Jenkinson, Starboy SunSun | Dance & Gesture: Satya-Sara Khachik, Danni Spooner, Scarlett Turner, Alice Kettel | Filming: Reece Straw | Sound: Tom Rose, Andy Jenkinson | Sound Studio: HQ recording studio | Installation Technical Support: Andrew Johnston
The original video was commissioned by Phoenix in 2018, in collaboration with the Art & Screen Network, Institute of Contemporary Arts.
This exhibition is part of Leicester Art Week, a festival of visual art taking place across Leicester in November.”
A blue square on a black background with a painted white face in the centre, surrounded by four gesturing hands of different colours

I took inspiration in the installation method that was used, for example projecting multiple images at once, onto different materials and papers. An interesting visual element that was used is physically reproducing segments of the digital video, and having them hung via string. The various projections within the work inspired me to think about how I could attribute various layering, considering the polarity and physical awareness that comes with a three dimensional physical space by using projections that may change in texture giving the illusion of tangibility, depending on their coordinating materials and physical elements; for example different materials.

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