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Martin Cibik – Local Art Student Research

Posted in 20/21, Contextual Research 2021, and Professional Research 2021

Marin Cibik’s is an artist who also explores alternative states of consciousness. Cibik also uses virtual reality and augmented reality in his work.

Martin Cibik’s ‘VR PRESENTATION’ at the LCB Depot, Leicester:

Recently I focus on work in VR and AR. The centre of my interest is the experience and alternative states of consciousness; such as dreams or hallucination.

My work is trying to catch the evanescent moment of otherness in human consciousness and the presence of different layers of reality.

Working in the same locality, and using similar motifs and techniques, Cibik is a reference in relation to my work. Also sharing email consultation, me and Cibik have shared our ways of working which, has inspired me. to pursue AR with new software. Cibik has also expressed his interest in doing a collaboration, which is a possibility in the future.

Cibik has inspired me to think about the place of AR and VR art in the local art scene as well as how alternative states of consciousness (the subconscious) can be portrayed using such techniques.

‘VR PRESENTATION’ at the LCB Depot, Leicester

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